A few reasons why our group is superior to any lone agent:
Vacations, family needs, education, community service, even illness . . .  all compete for a Realtor's time. We know how important is to answer our client's calls & process their transactions with timeliness and efficiency. We're all on one team - - - Bob Burton's team - - - and we're all devoted to your service.
An "extra set of eyes" . . .
Can spot special values, last-minute changes, and easy-to-overlook subtleties during the shopping, buying, and selling process.
In the same way that "Nobody can be everywhere at once," we understand that our combined resources include many more contacts, services, market areas and "fine points" that can possibly be sustained by one individual.
Loyalty and leaderhip
More than a few people in our industry have said, "You're crazy if you pass up a chance to work on Bob Burton's team."  Bob sets THE standard of quality and integrity for his group.
Respect among our peers
Other Realtors will attest to the dependability of Bob and his team . . . this means you're choosing people who will find more "open doors," and who invite the kind of cooperation that makes choosing, buying, and/or selling a home - - - YOUR home - - - more harmonious and successful.
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